A 3 day get-together of Belgian business leaders,
politicians and inspiring people from the cultural and academic world.

Congratulations on your wonderful organization. Everyone was over the moon. The event was a hit all round!

Steven Van Belleghem, International recognized Social Media Expert

Some top speakers from our 2016 Edition

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  • Bert De Graeve, chairman of several boards of directors

    Bert De Graeve chairs the boards of directors of Bekaert, SCR-Sibelco and Telenet. Before he was elected ‘Manager of the Year’ for his work at Bekaert.

  • Jan Jambon, Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of the Interior

    Before becoming Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of the Interior, Jan Jambon was general director of the bank Card Company and later mayor of Brasschaat.

  • Sihame El Kaouakibi, social entrepreneur

    Sihame El Kaouakibi is the founder of A Woman’s View, a consultancy company which provides advice on social issues. She is also a member—the youngest ever—of the VRT board of directors.


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