A 3 day get-together of Belgian business leaders,
politicians and inspiring people from the cultural and academic world.

Congratulations on your wonderful organization. Everyone was over the moon. The event was a hit all round!

Steven Van Belleghem, International recognized Social Media Expert

Some top speakers from our 2017 Edition

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  • Mr. Wouter Beke, chairman of CD&V, member of the federal parliament, and mayor of Leopoldsburg

    Wouter Beke is the current chairman of CD&V and mayor of Leopoldsburg. He is undoubtedly one of the most important politicians in Belgium.

  • Ms. Françoise Chombar, CEO of Melexis

    Françoise Chombar is co-founder, CEO and Director of Melexis. Before starting there, she worked for Elmos GmbH and the Elex group. Next to being CEO of Melexis he is equally president of the STEM platform, an advisory board to the Flemish government.

  • Mr. Peter Vandermeersch, Editor-in-chief NRC

    Since 1 September 2010, Peter Vandermeersch has been the editor-in-chief of NRC Handelsblad. From its Amsterdam headquarters, he leads the fourth-largest newspaper in the country.


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