A 3 day get-together of Belgian business leaders,
politicians and inspiring people from the cultural and academic world.

Congratulations on your wonderful organization. Everyone was over the moon. The event was a hit all round!

Steven Van Belleghem, International recognized Social Media Expert

Some top speakers from our 2018 Edition

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  • Roland Duchâtelet, Entrepreneur

    Roland Duchâtelet worked for several enterprises in Belgium and Germany before becoming a self-employed entrepreneur in the nineties. Between 2007 and 2010 he was a member of the Belgian Senate. Now he is shareholder and board member of several enterprises among which Melexis and X-FAB.

  • Mrs. Claire Tillekaerts, CEO Flanders Investment & Trade

    Since October 2006, Mrs. Claire Tillekaerts has been the general manager of Flanders Investment & Trade, the government agency supporting Flemish companies in their effort to deploy business internationally abroad and assisting foreign companies seeking to set up business or expand operations in Flanders, the northernmost region of Belgium.

  • Maggie De Block, Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health

    Maggie De Block is a prominent member of the Flemish liberal-democratic party, Open Vld. As from 2014, she officiates as Belgian Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health. Previously, she was the Secretary of State for Asylum, Immigration and Social Integration.


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