“A world wide purpose is keeping our planet livable”

“A world wide purpose is keeping our planet livable”

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, full professor of climatology and sustainable development sciences at UCL, points out the purpose of our economy should be to keep our planet livable. According to Van Ypersele, it does not make sense to manage a company if there’s no world anymore where it can stand. 

During his keynote, van Ypersele adressed ten problems of our recent society, such as the fact that the European Union spends at least 1 billion euros on fossil fuels. All these problems result into one main concern: global warming. That is why Jean-Pascal van Ypersele proposed some solutions.

According to van Ypersele, economic actors should be confronted much more clearly with their responsibilities. Van Ypersele believes that the best understood language is the price. “Destoying the environment must become more expensive“, he says. That is why he proposes to use collected funds to help the decarbonization and to avoid impacting the poor disproportionately.

Van Ypersele continues: “Transition towards a clean and sustainable economy and energy system must be ‘just’, and other synergies with the SDGs must be seeked.” And before looking at how to produce energy cleanly, much more attention must be given to reducing energy demand, van Ypersele believes. Moreover, van Ypersele states we should think about how to use our energy as efficiently as possible. Speaking about using energy as efficient as possible, van Ypersele, also refers to ou

r natural sources: “The sun gives us in two hours almost as much energy as the world uses in one year, all forms of energy considered.”

Also mobility is a big issue, and laying at the base of global warmth. That is why he states that much more space and priority should be given to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport, while reducing priority given too long to individual transport in urban planning.

Further on, van Ypersele thinks about food and agriculture. Everyone can make the world a better place by thinking about their eating habits “Eat less red meat and cheese, of better quality. Eat more plant based food that is produced cleanly.”, he states.

According to van Ypersele banks and the finance sector also play an important role in making the world more livable. The climatologists says that banks and the finance sector should see the opportunities in climate-friendly and ethical investments promoting the 17 sustainable development goals.

Finally, the full professor of climatology and sustainable development sciences concludes: “Humanity has the choice and the solution is in our hands”. He calls the leaders of our world to take responsibility.

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