Art and culture as a ‘social binder’ for the purpose economy

Art and culture as a ‘social binder’ for the purpose economy

Art historian and general director of BOZAR Paul Dujardin believes that art and culture can help social, political and economical reformations. With BOZAR, Dujardin hopes to cocreate, coproduce and copresent purpose in our current society.

By taking a walk through history, Paul Dujardin showed the importance of art and culture in society. The art historian believes that the power of art and culture lays within its independence. It is independent of direct politics, economy and science, but can play a people-raising role, inspiring the same politics, economy and science.

“Art can play a mediating role there, as a sort of ‘social binder’, something that cannot be achieved by any scientific research or by political motivated initiatives”, says Dujardin.

He refers to the exhibition in the Brussels World Trade Towers that made clear that it is time for change. However, the problem lays within ourselves, as the exhibition also made clear: “We agree that we have lived at the expense or our planet; we agree that fundamental change is urgent, but we also agree that we do not change.” That is why the exhibition states that the future is not realitic.

The general director of BOZAR states that, when looking to our current society, the challenges on the political, the economical, the philosophical, the moral and the artistic are enormous. Therefore, Dujardin states that a common ground between all these fields is essential:

The transition to the purpose economy has been fully deployed. Everyone, whether he or she is an entrepreneur, scientist, politician, health care provider or artist; must participate in building that bridge to the future”

Paul Dujardin calls entrepreneurs, scientists and artists to become the new social avant-garde so that the future will become realistic.

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