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In 2013, we brought our guests together around the theme “Have the Limits Been Reached?” In all sectors and on all levels of our society – government, business, arts – the question of whether we have reached the limits is put. Can we keep growing; can everything always continue to get better, bigger, and prettier? Or has the time come to realize that we are going to have to change our approach? We presented ten top speakers, each with regard to their respective fields, who shared their insights into this theme with our guests.

Friday October 18

Opening by Mr Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council

Workshops at Hotel Westin Paris-Vendôme with Mr Eric Van Zele, CEO at Barco and elected Manager of the Year 2012 and Mr Joost Van Roost, President of Benelux ExxonMobil

Exclusive dinner with keynote speaker Mr Patrick De Maeseneire, CEO global at Adecco

Saturday October 19

Workshops at Hotel Westin Paris-Vendôme with Mr Dilip Mehta, CEO Rosy Blue DMCC Mr and Mrs Bob Vermeir and Tanja Verheyen, senior editor at VRT and authors of the book “Remotie. Een stap terug is een stap vooruit” and Mr Peter Leyman, general manager at Ghent sheltered workshop Ryhove

Guided visit to the Paris flea market with aperitif at new cafeteria-style restaurant “Ma Cocotte”, designed by Philippe Starck.

Gala dinner at Hotel Westin Paris-Vendôme with Keynote speaker Mr Bart De Wever, N-VA president and mayor of Antwerp

Sunday October 20

Workshops at Hotel Westin Paris-Vendôme with Mrs Isabel Albers, editor-in-chief at De Tijd and Mr Jan Caeyers, prof. KUL, conductor and Beethoven biographer. He is presenting fragments from Beethoven’s String Quartets, played by the Ensor String Quartet

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