“Purpose lays within your company’s journey, not in its destination”

“Purpose lays within your company’s journey, not in its destination”

LEADERSMEETING@PARIS 2018 makes clear that purpose for companies can be found in many ways. “If you have a start up business, your company is your purpose. I want my company to make an impact”, says entrepreneur Zhong Yuan Xu.

Mr. Zhong Yuan Xu is a young and energetic entrepreneur and the youngest speaker of LEADERSMEETING@PARIS 2018. As co-founder & CEO of Deliverect he talked about his experience in expanding a startup company.  By telling his personal story, he points out the risks that are part of starting a company and the challenges of letting that company grow.

To make something useful for people, Zhong Yuan Xu believes that timing is key. The entrepreneur believes that the changes that are happening in society, create opportunities for new businesses. He clarifies:

“The purpose of our company was never about the destination, but about the journey itself. We wanted to create something that is actually useful for people.”

Zhong wants to offer solutions for current problems that people in the catering industry are facing. Something, he believes all companies should do for problems that are appearing within their sector.

The guests of LEADERSMEETING@PARIS were charmed by Zhong Yuan Xu’s enthusiastic entrepreneurship. There’s an inspiring future within the world of startup businesses, giving purpose to our economy.

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