The future of our world economy: happiness of the people

The future of our world economy: happiness of the people

By looking at history, serial entrepreneur Roland Duchâtelet questions whether our current economic system is good enough. According to Duchâtelet, governments and entreprises need to think more about how they can make their people happy, while thinking less about profit alone. Automation can help in this process.

“Working hard has been the key of our current economics, but does this way of economic thinking still work?” says Roland Duchâtelet during the first evening dinner of LEADERSMEETING@PARIS. “We work hard to earn a lot of money, but working hard does not make people happy.” That is why he questions whether our economic system, based on paid labour, can still stand.

The entrepreneur states that the concept of paid labour has not been a central thought into our current economies for a long time. Therefore, he believes that it is not too late to get out of this system. According to Duchâtelet recent automation is the key which could help us to get of this economic way of thinking. “We should use automation to let people work less so they can be more happy”, pleads Duchâtelet.

Welfare is key for our economy. And that welfare can be achieved through the happiness of people. According to Duchâtelet we need the purpose economy to make people happy.

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