“The next generation will solve cancer”

“The next generation will solve cancer”

Whoever who says pharmacy, says Johnson & Johnson. Whoever says Johnson & Johnson, says Paul Baron Stoffels. For 28 years, the renowned physician has worked as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer for the global pharmaceutical company. His goal is to give years of life, quality of life and general well-being to millions of people around the world by daring to introduce new innovations all the time. “Never give up: anything is possible, as long as you dare to persevere,” says Stoffels. “I believe that the next generation will solve cancer.”

During the eleventh edition of LEADERS MEETING PARIS, Paul Stoffels looked back on his rich career. He started from his experience as a medical student in Africa, where he was triggered to find a solution for Ebola and HIV. Stoffels explains how important this foreign experience was for him and what impact it had on his future career. “I therefore advise the next generation to gain in-depth foreign experience at least once in a lifetime,” says Stoffels. “This is the only way to really get to know the world in all its different facets and with all its problems.”

According to the physician, the key to success lies in daring to innovate and thinking ahead. “Within our company, we must be able to look ahead for at least fifteen years, because we must be able to assess the future world in which we can offer our solutions. That is why, according to Stoffels, it is necessary to define a clear vision of what you want to go for. According to Paul Stoffels, this vision is necessary to develop the right techniques and solutions. According to the Johnson & Johnson executive, this also means that you will have to take risks, together with your team. “And as a leading manager, it’s always important to take responsibility, even when things go wrong.”

Paul Stoffels concludes: “But you have to dare to believe in it and never give up. That’s what Paul Janssen (the founder of Janssens Phamaceutica) once said to me: ‘one day there will be one cure, one pill with which we can solve HIV and Ebola. Years later, we also found an effective solution. Today, cancer is one of the biggest diseases, for which many techniques have already been developed to combat it. That’s why I believe that the next generation will solve cancer.”

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