What does “the next gen” have to offer?

What does “the next gen” have to offer?

About 150 Belgian policy makers and business leaders will gather in Paris next Friday for three days, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the next generation. To inspire them, 12 keynote speakers will share their visions on how politics, economy, culture and even biology can influence future generations. 

Young people from all over the world call upon business leaders and policy makers to take action and create a more sustainable, healthier and better world. That is why the yearly network event LEADERS MEETING PARIS chose “The Next Gen” as the central theme for the 11th edition.To discuss this theme in as many ways as possible, the event organisation succeeded to assemble twelve extraordinary visionary leaders, all having the Belgian nationality, to share their outspoken ideas of the future.

Paul Baron Stoffels

All leaders will approach “the next gen” from their own area of expertise. This broad approach of “the next gen” gives, on the one hand, Johnson & Johnson executive Paul Baron Stoffels the opportunity to discuss the challenges the pharmaceutical sector faces and opportunities it sees to guarantee life quality and life time for future generations. On the other hand, child and adolescent psychiatrist Peter Adriaenssens will be able to explain his concerns and insights about modern youth that will have to lead tomorrow’s world. While besides that, this broad approach will also allow entrepreneur Paul Deneve to share his vision about companies that are exploring the future with new technologies, based on his expertise as Vice President of Special Projects at Apple.


Ibe Wuyts

Apart from the renowned keynote speakers that will talk about the next generation, the event also invites voices of the new generation itself to take the floor. In a panel discussion, the young research professor in cellular immunology Damya Laoui, CEO of Medispring Sébastien Deletaille and professor in labour economics Stijn Baert will share their thoughts on the challenges of tomorrow’s world and how to tackle it. Moreover, the 37-year-old new Flemish Minister of Youth, Media and Brussels Benjamin Dalle will discuss how politics can better adapt to the next generation. But the invities of LEADERS MEETING PARIS will also hear the voice of the next generation literally, through the promising 17-year-old singer songwriter Ibe Wuyts.


All these experts – and many more – are excited to inspire the guests at LEADERS MEETING PARIS, to prepare them for the next generation. 

A complete overview of the keynote speakers can be found here.

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